Dirty GQ Pictures Of Erin Andrews Making Waves

Well, this is awkward. It hasn’t even been a month since the Erin Andrews peephole video sent the mainstream media into a self-righteous feeding frenzy denouncing the lascivious nature of evil exploitative bloggers, but that apparently isn’t enough to stop GQ from publishing a sporty, sexytime photo shoot with Andrews taken earlier this year. Hey, it’s football and they’ve got magazines to sell, right?

Erin Andrews GQ 3

Sure, this isn’t exactly Touchstone Pictures planning to release an airplane-terrorism-themed movie on September 21, 2001. Still, considering Andrews’ newfound aversion to Britney Spears-type attention getting, the timing of this is a little unfortunate for the chaste and innocent Ms. Andrews.

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Revealing More About Sanchez’s GQ Shoot Gal Pal

Yesterday, we shared news & pics of New York Jets QB draft pick Mark Sanchez already establishing himself as the second coming of “Broadway Joe” Namath - not because of any remarkable on-field talent, but because of his appearance in a revealing photoshoot for GQ magazine.

Hilary Rhoda Mark Sanchez

Upon seeing such snapshots, many questions spring to mind. How much ribbing is he going to get from his teammates? How much more is he going to get from other team’s fans? Shouldn’t he be spending his offseason studying playbooks instead?

But of course, all these points pale in comparison to the biggest question of them all: Who’s that babe in the bikini with him?

(As a public service, more pics of the mystery gal after the jump.)

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Mark Sanchez Turns on the Sex Jets for GQ Shoot

• New Jets QB Mark Sanchez struts his stuff in a new photoshoot for GQ:

Mark Sanchez GQ

• Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger is hoping that Formula One star Lewis Hamilton will soon be driving her to the wedding chapel.

• Nice to see the 1962 Mets show up at Dodger Stadium Monday night.

Michael Strahan is all set to fill in the gap of Fox sitcom programming.

• Vancouver’s sex workers are getting some tips on how to deal with the upcoming Olympic media onslaught.

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Jets QB Sanchez “Walking Sex” In Hot GQ Spread

Most NFL rookies spend their first offseason as a professional doing things like signing contracts, getting in NFL shape, learning the playbook, and doing everything they can to earn the respect of their coaches and teammates. It’s a busy time, and the choices a rookie makes now help set the stage for either success or failure in their career.

Mark Sanchez GQ

One thing that doesn’t necessarily help the process is getting dressed up like David Hasselhoff in “Baywatch” and prancing around with a sexy supermodel for GQ photographers. Yet that’s exactly what new Jets QB Mark “Walking Sex” Sanchez did, and you can bet his teammates are going to have fun with this. The evidence is yours, after the jump.

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