Oregon Football: 6-Story, $41 Million New Facility

Today the University of Oregon unveiled plans for a new, six-story building that will serve exclusively as the headquarters for the school’s football program.

(Wait, isn’t this where they invented the iPod?)

The building, which reportedly will cost $41 million, will be donated by Phil Knight after construction of the project is completed. The facility includes:

  • Nine dedicated football position meeting rooms
  • Two team video theaters Offense and defense strategy rooms
  • Larger conference suite for the entire coaching staff.
  • Players’ lounge
  • Recruiting center to host prospective student-athletes
  • Dedicated areas to accommodate professional scouts
  • Media interview room
  • Advanced video editing and distribution center
  • State of the art laptop serial number removal soldering station

Okay, I made the last one up.


The entire project will be privately funded through the philanthropy of Phil and Penny Knight and will include no use of public, state or general university fund dollars. Construction is expected to get underway after the first of the year, with the anticipated completion targeted for the summer of 2013.

My favorite part of the Oregon press release about the new football facility is the mention of the new lacrosse stadium that will also be constructed as part of the project. Read more…