Tebow Photo Girl Goes Nude In Tebow Bodypaint

Remember this old photo of Tim Tebow?

Tim Tebow Girlfriend Nude Photos Body Paint Erin Drewes

It turns out that wasn’t his girlfriend. Instead, it’s some random woman named Erin Drewes. Well Playboy.com now has her ‘nude’, in Tim Tebow-themed body paint. She also clarifies her deal with Tebow:

We are acquaintances through mutual friends and we would see each other here and there. We were standing together talking at a party at U of F and that’s when the now-infamous picture was taken. I was never dating Tim Tebow, nor was I ever his girlfriend!  I’m convinced the picture must have been photoshopped—my breasts certainly are not that big!

She maintains she would consider posing for Playboy Magazine, but “it would have to be the right circumstance.”

Uh, okay. Coincidentally, the photos are so mindblowing that I may have contracted a concussion myself. Read more…