14 Girls? So Is Derek Jeter Sex Addict Like Tiger?

In a few minutes, I easily compiled a list of 14 media-reported Derek Jeter hookups since 2000.

Vida Guerra

(Jeter addicted to sex? No. Crack? Apparently.)

1997-00: Mariah Carey
2000: Miss Universe, Lara Dutta
2001: Joy Enriquez
2002: Jordana Brewster
2003: hostess from the famed strip club Scores
2003: Miss Teen USA, Vanessa Minnillo
2004: Jessica Alba
2005: Scarlett Johansson
2005: Vida Guerra
2006: Adriana Lima
2006: Jessica Biel
2007: Gabrielle Union
2008-09: Minka Kelly
2009: 22-year-old college girl

Tiger Woods has had around the same number of reported mistresses, yet the media reports him as a sex addict while ESPN winks at Jeter’s playboy lifestyle.

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