UNC Tar Heel Coaches Worked Blue In Press Box

Thursday Tennessee pulled off a somewhat impossible loss to North Carolina after the Tar Heels turned a botched final drive into a 30-27 overtime victory.

(Blessed with an unlikely victory, Carolina coaches were less than gracious)

Considering the circumstances, you could perhaps understand obscenities emanating from inside the Volunteer locker room.

But an off-color mocking of the Tennessee fight song from press box-ensconced Carolina coaching staff members within earshot of the credentialed media? Hard to believe a coaching staff could be that classless, especially after the Tar Heels MVP was arguably the Big Ten officiating crew referee, Dennis Lipski.

But that’s exactly what AOL Fanhouse reporter Clay Travis reported took place after the game. Read more…

Dooley: Cliche Movie Nazis, Vols Somehow Alike

When he isn’t thinking of ways to be fired as quickly as possible, Tennessee football coach Derek Dooley is regaling the press with - what else? - light and lively Nazi war stories.

Derek Dooley: Nazi War Historian

(Movie Nazis Yes, Real Nazis No.)

At a press conference today, Dooley compared the conduct of his Tennessee players in a 41-10 loss to Alabama Saturday to a hopelessly cliched portrayal of Nazi soldiers at the D-Day invasion in 1944.

Text of Dooley’s comments is below:

“Right now we’re like the Germans in World War II. Here comes the boats, they’re coming. You have the binoculars, and it’s like, ‘Oh, my God, the invasion is coming.’ That’s what they did, they were in the bunkers. It’s coming, they call (Generalfeldmarschall Erwin) Rommel — they can’t find Rommel. (Pretending to speak into a radio.) ‘What do we do? I’m not doing anything until I get orders.’ (Pretends to look through binoculars.) ‘Have you gotten Rommel yet?’

“All right, and the Americans were the exact opposite. We hit the beach, and we were on the wrong spot. ‘What do we do? I don’t know, but these guys are firing and we better hide over there and blow some stuff up to get up there.’ They weren’t looking for (help). That’s where we’ve got to make that transition.

“I don’t want the German people to get upset at me. I’m not attacking them, but that’s what happened. You had one group, they weren’t worried about what the plan was and orders and all that. When the war hits, things change. You’ve got to go.

You had the other group, and they go, ‘Wait a minute. They told us the invasion was way further north’ where we had the empty tanks and we were hiding Patton out. ‘We weren’t ready for this, now what do we do?’ ‘We better wait until Rommel tells us what to do.’

“I hope I got my names right.”

So we’ve got Dooley’s version of the comportment of Nazi soldiers at Normandy. Great.

As much as I’d like to take the rookie Tennessee football coach’s word for it, just for fun let’s take a look at an official U.S. Department of the Navy report on the Normandy invasion published by 1st Lt. F.A. Robert C. Dart on March 28, 1947.

The report includes details from the,”interrogation of Vizeadmiral Friedrich Ruge and Generalleutnant Dihm concerning Generalfeldmarschall Rommel and the preparation of German defenses prior to the Normandy Invasion.

During his interrogation, Generalleutnant Dihm, who was charged by Rommel to oversee “the work on coastal defenses” at Normandy, explained why the Germans were unable to repel the invasion: Read more…

Dooley On How To Be Fired As Quickly As Possible

KNOXVILLE NEWS-SENTINEL Editor-in-Chief Jack McElroy reports that Tennessee football coach Derek Dooley recently decided to invite only his favorite reporters to watch a scrimmage that was otherwise closed to the media.

Derek Dooley

(Dooley blockading reporters a slippery slope or no biggie?)

McElroy reports that Dooley granted access to those reporters, “as a reward for their work thus far in the season.

Most Tennessee followers, especially in light of Lane Kiffin’s awkward departure, want to give Derek Dooley the benefit of the doubt despite his only previous head coaching experience coming at Louisiana Tech. But as Dooley’s hire didn’t exactly excite most Volunteers fans, it was important for the coach to take a no-nonsense approach at the outset of his Knoxville tenure. (Up until now, Dooley had done that.)

So it’s surprising that Dooley has already taken up the unprecedented practice of evaluating the performance of reporters before coaching his first game. Even more surprising was Dooley’s decision to shut certain outlets out from covering a squad he’s yet to lead onto a live game field. Read more…

Vols RB Bryce Brown Flees Tennessee With Text

The crown jewel of Lane Kiffin’s 2009 recruiting class at the Univ. of Tennessee, sophomore running back Bryce Brown, has reportedly told Vols Coach Derek Dooley that he is leaving the team.

Bryce Brown Leaves Tennessee With Text

Knoxville WNML-AM radio host Jimmy Hyams reports that Brown skipped a scheduled meeting today with Dooley that was reportedly to decide his future with the program. Hyams added that Brown later sent Dooley a text saying he won’t return to the Volunteers.

Josh Ward of the KNOXVILLE NEWS-SENTINEL reported Tuesday:

Brown’s father was “ballistic” that Bryce wasn’t man enough to tell Dooley to his face that he’s leaving. Brown left town.

John Adams of the KNOXVILLE NEWS-SENTINEL also noted Brown’s awkward departure: Read more…

Video: Tenn Players ‘Randomly Beat Up Customer’

A horrific scene played out in a Knoxville bar last night, as the KNOXVILLE NEWS-SENTINEL reports that several Tennessee football players are under investigation for an attack that left an off-duty police officer unconscious.

Video of fight at Bar Knoxville involving Tennessee football players

Two University of Tennessee football players were released from jail this morning, and police are questioning at least two others in connection with an early-morning bar brawl that left one police officer unconscious in the street with a head wound.

The injured and kicked officer and a bar patron were sent to the University of Tennessee Medical Center after being beaten by a group of people identified as UT football players. Authorities are withholding that patron’s name pending notification of relatives.

While football is the last thing on anyone’s mind in light of the incident, the owner of the bar, Sandy Morton, said after the melee that Tennessee football players have always had “VIP status” at her establishment.

If that status involved free admission, drinks or other financial consideration, the Tennessee football program could be cited for NCAA violations.

Early Friday morning, bar owner Morton described what happened:
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Finally! Relief For All That Money You Don’t Need

$5,600 buried under the service porch and don’t know what in tarnation to do with it? You’re in luck, kind sir! A Knoxville ESPN Radio host’s website is currently soliciting donations for a new billboard to be put up in Los Angeles that mocks former Tennessee escapee football coach Lane Kiffin.

Lane Kiffin Los Angeles Billboard donation

First off, I talked to the billboard guy in LA yesterday. The first company I talked to was owned by an SC fan who said “no way jose” The second company gave me the go ahead. The final quote was for $5,600 for 1 month in August. Here is the design again and I will keep you updated on the total we have collected.

But wait, there’s more! Read more…

Dooley’s First Victory: Rock Fight With Lane Kiffin

Tennessee students duly updated the school’s ceremonial campus rock Friday night:

Derek Dooley Rock Do It Dooley On Tennessee Campus

(One word to describe a Vols fan? Wordsmith.)

Derek Dooley’s hire as football coach was the occasion.

Sadly though, the move struck a fatal blow against a birthright Tennessee football fans have legendarily held dear: public displays of homoerotic expression.

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Video: Derek Dooley Slaps La. Tech Player In Head

UPDATE: The KNOXVILLE NEWS-SENTINEL reports Derek Dooley has been hired by Tennessee as head football coach.

Though ESPN is reporting that Kevin Sumlin is still “in the mix” for the job, the KNOXVILLE NEWS-SENTINEL reports “Derek Dooley will reportedly be named Tennessee’s next head coach even though the Vols still have one interview left to conduct.”

Louisiana Tech Coach Derek Dooley Strikes Player In Head

I’m guessings Chuck Neinas and Mike Hamilton were probably not among the 37,143 who screened this video of Dooley striking a Louisiana Tech player in the head during a 2007 game vs. Cal before reportedly making the decision to hire Dooley as Tennessee’s new coach.

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$3M Owed Assistants Cost Vols Shot At Cutcliffe

David Cutcliffe has decided to spurn a possible opportunity to become the next Tennessee football coach. Though it isn’t clear if Cutcliffe was actually offered the job, he released a statement this morning affirming his decision to remain at Duke.

Tennessee Football Assistant Coaches

(The reason David Cutcliffe isn’t the Vols Coach this morning)

A college coaching source close to the situation told me this morning that Tennessee Athletic Director Mike Hamilton told Cutcliffe that if he want to take over as coach, he would have to retain most of the coaches on Lane Kiffin’s former staff.

Now you’re wondering, why on earth would Hamilton do that?!

Read more…