Wikileaks: Ricardo Mayorga Rape Trial Was Fixed

For the first time since he was knocked out in the 12th round by Shane Mosley in 2008, boxer Ricardo Mayorga will step back into the ring Friday. In a card set by Don King, Mayorga will take on Michael Walker at American Airlines Arena in Miami.

Mayorga Rape Trial Coverup

At this point in his career the 37-year-old Mayorga, who is a national hero in his native Nicaragua, is perhaps better known for his regular cigarette habit - while training - than his rapidly deteriorating boxing skills.

But thanks to a recent Wikileaks release of U.S. intelligence documents, we now know Mayorga’s reputation to the U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua was quite different than that of a boxer best known for his unorthodox training habits.

In a series of cables released one week ago titled, “NICARAGUA’S MOST WANTED PART I: THE CRIMES OF (DICTATOR) DANIEL ORTEGA AND HIS FAMILY,” Mayorga is mentioned in an unspeakable context. Read more…