Photos: Danica Patrick’s Closeup Tattoo Moment

These photos of Danica Patrick on vacation in Maui last month gave proof …

Danica Patrick Closeup Tattoo Bikini Photo

despite SI, that her flag tattoo … Read more…

Holy Tramp Stamp! SI Airbrushed Anna K. Too?!

While sifting through some recent photos of Anna Kournikova at a charity event yesterday, I happened upon this photo:

Anna Kournikova Tramp Stamp

Kournikova over the past decade is one of the most photographed women in the world, but I don’t recall ever seeing that monster tramp stamp. Turns out I was a little late to the party - her body art has been all over the web for some time now.

Anna Kournikova Tramp Stamp

Remembering that Kournikova posed for SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Swimsuit Issue in 2004, I went back to see if her ink had been Danica’d. (SI infamously airbrushed out Danica Patrick’s tramp stamp in some of her SI Swimsuit Issue photos.)

And thankfully, the 60-somethings running the show at SI didn’t let us down. Read more…