Photos: Danica Patrick’s Closeup Tattoo Moment

These photos of Danica Patrick on vacation in Maui last month gave proof …

Danica Patrick Closeup Tattoo Bikini Photo

despite SI, that her flag tattoo … Read more…

Danica Spouse: Psycho-Sexual Evaluation Ordered

Two years ago I posted about a sexual abuse allegation leveled against Danica Patrick’s husband, Paul Hospenthal.

Danica Patrick Tissot

(New Danica Shoot - Not Her Husband)

Hospenthal, a physical therapist, was accused in 2007 of having sex with a 16-year-old patient multiple times while he was 33-years-old. KTVK-TV in Phoenix reports the complaint from the woman to the Arizona State Board of Physical Therapy was resolved when …

Hospenthal was issued a public reprimand — six months probation — where he’s stays on the job and attends classes on patient boundaries.

He did not appeal.

Patrick and Hospenthal were married in November, 2005. She first met Hospenthal when (surprise!) he was giving her physical therapy for a yoga injury. She was 24, he was 40 at the time. They were married shortly thereafter.

Danica Patrick Paul Hospenthal Get Married

(Danica Patrick Marries Paul Hospenthal)

Recently, Liz Mellott of NATIONAL SPEED SPORT NEWS followed up on Hospenthal’s sordid professional past - which actually goes beyond his reprimand for underage sex with a patient:

Under the Pennsylvania Department of State Health Licensing Boards Disciplinary Actions in October 2007, the story continues.

“Paul E. Hospenthal, license no. PT001940E of Scottsdale, Ariz., agreed to a permanent, voluntary surrender of his license because he had a license disciplined by the proper licensing authority of another state.” (09-27-07) So, now no longer on probation, he has no license.

Then, to add more soap to the opera, “The Board then discussed ordering Mr. Hospenthal to submit to a psycho-sexual evaluation. The motion carried by a unanimous roll call vote.” Wow, when the whole Pennsylvania State Board thinks you need a psycho-sexual evaluation, you would think it would be hard to get a date, much less marry an IRL star.

Mellott also reports that Hospenthal had another complaint lodged against him by a young patient in Arizona:

In the Arizona State Board of Physical Therapy records, there is another complaint that in 2000 he seduced another woman while she was his physical therapy patient and that they had a consensual sexual relationship for four years during which time she “periodically received physical therapy care from Mr. Hospenthal both in and out of his clinic.”

That complaint was dismissed, but I can only imagine Patrick’s reax to all of this.

Danica Patrick Tissot

(OK, I guess it’s not as bad as this shot of Tom Brady’s wife)

That might explain why Patrick has kept a very low public profile on her marriage. Non-existent is more like it. She has flown solo at virtually all of her high-profile public appearances and to my knowledge has never discussed the sexual allegations made against her husband by the underage girl in Arizona - and the subsequent reprimand.

Danica Patrick Tissot

 (Thankfully, Danica has experience w/ flame retardant tops)

Add in this recent, sexy photo shoot of Patrick with a dude who isn’t her husband and you wonder what is going through her mind these days.

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Undaunted By SI, Danica Gets Even Bigger Tattoo

Last week we told you Danica Patrick’s two appearances in the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Swimsuit Issue were marred by some clumsy editing. In the photos, Patrick’s back tattoo was edited out in some of the pictures - but not all.

Danica Patrick Now Has Bigger Tattoo

SI has since confirmed that it removed the tattoo from the photos as matter of some sort of absurd policy. But there was no explanation why some of the shots with tattoos remained.

Should Sports Illustrated dump Danica for her Tat?

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Patrick knew about the policy before she ever posed for the swimsuit issue, and I’m happy to report that SI’s photoshop efforts have not dampened her desire for more tattoos. Since her last shoot with Sports Illustrated, she has added even more body ink. Pics after the jump. Read more…

Sports Illustrated Does Not Like Danica’s Tattoo

We all know that magazines airbrush the ever living hell out of photos before publishing them in print. That centerfold you’re looking at in PLAYBOY? Yeah, she’s not perfect. They just made her look that way. Still, you can understand why a magazine would want to remove an unsightly mole or maybe even too many freckles, but what exactly is wrong with a tattoo?

Danica Patrick

(Is Danica’s back tat really that terrible?)

It seems that in the most recent issue of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s swimsuit issue, the folks at SI decided to give part-time race care driver and full-time media darling Danica Patrick the Allen Iverson treatment. The folks over at GUNAXIN were kind enough to point out that the tattoo you can see on the small of her back in the photo above, from Danica’s first SI shoot, has magically disappeared.

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Danica Patrick Goes Topless In SI Photo Spread

Danica Patrick posed for some hot photos for FHM way back when. But nothing like what she did for SI’s latest swimsuit issue:

Dania Patrick Topless Sports Illustrated

Danica Patrick topless

Danica Patrick topless

And some not really topless, but still full of hotness:

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick

Nice work fellas! More photos can be found here.

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