Photos: Danica Patrick’s Closeup Tattoo Moment

These photos of Danica Patrick on vacation in Maui last month gave proof …

Danica Patrick Closeup Tattoo Bikini Photo

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Sports Illustrated Does Not Like Danica’s Tattoo

We all know that magazines airbrush the ever living hell out of photos before publishing them in print. That centerfold you’re looking at in PLAYBOY? Yeah, she’s not perfect. They just made her look that way. Still, you can understand why a magazine would want to remove an unsightly mole or maybe even too many freckles, but what exactly is wrong with a tattoo?

Danica Patrick

(Is Danica’s back tat really that terrible?)

It seems that in the most recent issue of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s swimsuit issue, the folks at SI decided to give part-time race care driver and full-time media darling Danica Patrick the Allen Iverson treatment. The folks over at GUNAXIN were kind enough to point out that the tattoo you can see on the small of her back in the photo above, from Danica’s first SI shoot, has magically disappeared.

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