Dana White Ends Video Blogs, Blames Economy

UFC front man Dana White is rarely one to shy away from self promotion, so it was a little surprising to hear earlier this month his announcement (via Twitter, natch) that he would be ending his regular video blogs on YouTube. What could possibly be the reason for such uncharacteristic restraint from White? Gee, it wouldn’t have anything to do with calling reporter Loretta Hunt a “f–ing dumb bitch,” would it? Or perhaps that advertisers, TV producers, and most of the non-tribal-tatted world frowns upon such vile, misogynistic behavior?

Dana White FBomb Meltdown Calls Loretta Hunt a F---ing Bitch

Well, not according to White, who held his traditional pre-fight press conference extravaganza yesterday in anticipation of UFC 102.  Of course not. So what was the pesky reason behind dropping one of his most popular features among MMA meatheads?

It’s the economy, stupid! Hey, at least he didn’t blame it on swine flu.

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Dana White Lectures Lesnar On How To Behave?!!

Like Snuggies® at small college football games in the fall, UFC has now officially taken over the world. The L.A. sports bar I shoehorned into Saturday was overwhelmed with TapOuted cranks trying to crash UFC 100. The only time I can remember SoCal *sports* fan reax even approaching that was Lakers NBA Finals-time.

Dana White FBomb Meltdown Brought To You By Bud Light

(Opposite day! White counsels Lesnar on couth)

UFC’s PPV buys, attendance figures, gate receipts, merch sales and coverage from MSM outlets has passed critical mass. UFC now IS MMA. They might as well rename the sport.

And with that suffocating coverage comes increased scrutiny. Scrutiny that led to the extensive public comment on Brock Lesnar’s regrettable post-fight behavior at UFC 100. And the deliciously ironic response from pro sports’ biggest a-hole, Dana White.

Following Lesnar’s post fight slights of fallen opposite Frank Mir and UFC title sponsor Bud Light, White reportedly lectured the fighter on the fine art of how to act in public.

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ESPN Responds To SbB On White’s E:60 Interview

Yesterday, thanks to a tip from Steve Cofield at YAHOO SPORTS, I reported that ESPN’s E:60 investigative unit recently confronted Dana White about his online video tirade directed at Sherdog/ESPN reporter Loretta Hunt and the gay community.

Dana White Roger Goodell Who Would You Want To Run Your Sport?

(Who would you rather run your legitimate, mainstream sports league?)

The interview will not air until May 12, but ESPN did respond to my inquiry today about the upcoming piece.

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After Ignoring White Hate, ESPN Ready To Pounce

If you read SbB, you’re probably sick of me going on and on and on about Dana White’s vicious, hate-speech-laced rant directed at ESPN/Sherdog reporter Loretta Hunt and the gay community three weeks ago.

Dana White FBomb Meltdown Calls Loretta Hunt a F---ing Bitch

(ESPN to expose White’s insane, hate-filled rage against reporter, gays)

Since White’s infamous, self-uploaded Vlog, I’ve been as alone in my head-on-a-stick criticism as a Detroit Lions Super Bowl party planner.

But I’m happy to report that ESPN, after initially and inexplicably ignoring White’s ugly diatribe for weeks, recently unleashed its E:60 investigative bloodhounds on the UFC President. Last weekend in Montreal, ESPN reporter Tom Farrey interviewed White about his obscene comments and as Steve Cofield of YAHOO SPORTS reports, things didn’t end well.

Check that, I’m guessing the exchange ended exactly the way the defiant White wanted it to.

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Dana White Loses Reality Show Over Hate Speech

Alex Marvez of FoxSports.com reports this week that Dana White’s vicious, slur-filled rant against MMA writer Loretta Hunt and gays has “already has proven costly to White, a part-UFC owner who helped turn a money-losing promotion into a burgeoning sports entity.”

Dana White FBomb Meltdown Calls Loretta Hunt a F---ing Bitch

(Next up: UFC loses mega Anheuser-Busch ad deal?)


White already has reportedly pulled out of a reality show that was going to be based on his life. White, who has positioned himself as the high-profile face of the UFC, also is believed to have stopped his video blog.

It’s about damn time.  And the pressure on White is continuing as the L.A. TIMES is now reporting that the Assn. of Women in Sports Media is demanding White’s superiors at the UFC, Las Vegas casino owners Lorenzo Fertitta and his brother  Frank, “take action” against him. Read more…

Disgrace: Media Gives White Pass On Hate Speech

Yesterday I posted the video featuring Dana White’s hate speech-laced attack against Sherdog/ESPN MMA writer Loretta Hunt. In my 16 years in mainstream sports media, I have never seen anything as ugly as that.

ESPN Front Page

(ESPN/SHERDOG MMA Page today. Where’s the White story?)

But almost as ugly has been the media’s non-reaction. White, after offering a flaccid apology, has been given a pass by everyone who can initiate public opinion, including ESPN.

Dana White FBomb Meltdown Brought To You By Bud Light

(Dana White’s gay bashing, f-bombfest brought to you by Bud Light!)

Yes, there has been some small pockets of outrage, leading to a predictably backhanded apology by White. But there is absolutely no one of import anywhere really going after UFC parent company Zuffa, demanding that action be taken against White. Read more…

UFC’s White Calls Reporter a “F—ing Dumb Bitch”

I’ve been publishing SbB since 2001, and I’ve never, ever reported on anything as vicious and incendiary as what Dana White said about MMA reporter Loretta Hunt on his Youtube video vlog this week (via YAHOO’s Maggie Hendricks).

Dana White FBomb Meltdown Calls Loretta Hunt a F---ing Bitch

(Seriously Dana, get some help)

White, in response to a story Hunt recently wrote about UFC locker room credentials, unleashed an appalling five minute, hate speech-laced attack at the Sherdog.com/ESPN reporter.

During the disgraceful diatribe, White calls Hunt a “f—ing bitch” and refers to a source of Hunt’s as a lying, “f—ing faggot.”

And it’s all on tape - uploaded to Youtube at White’s behest.

After watching it, I don’t know who to feel more sorry for. Hunt right about now, or White once this video hits the mainstream media (it just did by the way).

The video is after the jump, along with portions of White’s comments transcribed. Read more…