Nantz Upset At Being ‘Ridiculed’ Over Divorce

Jim Nantz to Golf Magazine about the coverage of his divorce:

Lorrie Nantz Photos Jim Nantz Divorcing Has a 29 Year Old Girlfriend

“I feel like the whole thing was so misrepresented. It’s really hard to believe what came out publicly and how salacious it sounded. It left me feeling really distrustful of everything I read or hear.

I heard people I’m close to speculating on the radio about the divorce and ridiculing and laughing about some things that were written that just weren’t true. I thought, ‘Gosh, you know me better than that. I would never do that. How could you do this? Where is the sensitivity?’”

Where is the sensitivity? I wonder if Nantz’s wife was thinking that when she found out about his 20-something mistress. Read more…

Now, Yet More Photos Of Jim Nantz’s Girlfriend

Courtney Richards

So THE BIG LEAD has some more photos of brodcaster Jim Nantz’s girlfriend, 29-year-old IMG vice president Courtney Richards. For lack of a better way to describe her, I’ll say new-Becky-from-”Roseanne”-meets-Pam-from-”The-Office.”

More photos following the jump. Read more…

Jim Nantz Girlfriend Photos Posted: An Upgrade?

Didn’t take long for a reader to send photos to THE BIG LEAD of Jim Nantz’s 29-year-old girlfriend after the NEW YORK POST published her name, Courtney Richards, this morning.

Jim Nantz Girlfriend Photos Courtney Richards

Jim Nantz’s 29-year-old girlfriend Courtney Richards vs. ex-wife Lorrie

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Probably an unfair comparison, since Nantz’s wife is in her 50s now and Richards is in her 20s. That said, I think we’re probably all on the same page on this one.