Photos: “Cigar Man” In Tiger Photo Revealed

Rick Chandler tipped me off today to a Saturday LONDON DAILY MAIL report that reveals the identity of “cigar man” - the celebrated, fake-mustachioed gentleman seen in a recent, widely circulated photo of Tiger Woods hitting a shot at the Ryder Cup in Wales.

Tiger Woods shot smashes photographer's camera

The Mail reports that the mystery man is a Brit named Rupesh Shingadia. Rupesh is a 30-year-old investment analyst who lives in a, “detached house in South London where he is living with his parents, a retired mechanic and a housewife.

Tiger Woods shot smashes photographer's camera

Rupesh’s first blush on the phenomenon of his leading role in the photo, “I am embarrassed and overwhelmed. Never in a million years could I have expected anything like this. It is truly surreal.

So why the goofy getup, which included a Groucho Marx-esque fake mustache?

Rupesh said his costume was a ‘tribute’ to Spanish golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez.

Cigar Man Revealed With Photos

Rupesh: ‘I wanted to do something to show my support for the European team and I thought of Miguel. These days sportsmen have become devoid of character. But Miguel does his own thing and I love the way he walks around the course with a cigar clamped between his teeth.’

During an interview with the U.K. publication, Rupesh claimed to the Mail that he was an unassuming sort not normally prone to such displays: Read more…

Tiger Cigar Man Photo: You Were Wrong About It

Tiger Cigar Man photo?

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