Confirmed: Former NBA Cheerleader Doing Porn

UPDATE: Since my post the NBA has taken down the photos of former Atlanta Hawks cheerleader Briana, who turned to a career in porn. Thank goodness for the Google cache!

United Business Media has the delightful story of a former Atlanta Hawks cheerleader named Briana who is now an enthusiastic porn participant code-named “Brandy Blair“:

Brandy Blair NBA Cheerleader Turned Porn Actor

(Porno site photo? Nope. Try

Briana, who can still be seen on active pages of the Atlanta Hawks’ official site, had her contract with the team “ended” four months ago. So she did what any self-respecting former NBA cheerleader would do: turn tricks on video for money.

Brandy Blair NBA Cheerleader Turned Porn Actor

(Former NBA cheerleader Briana: “A very liberating experience”)

Actual copy from her first porn appearance on a website I can’t link (or spell out) on SbB:

Brandy has just moved to California to pursue her goal of becoming an NBA Cheerleader. She showed up at my massage studio in her cheer practive outfit - white booty short and knee high socks!

Hey wait, I thought her NBA cheerleading career had just “ended”?

NBA Cheerleader Doing Porn As Brandy Blair

The pr newswire release is almost too good to be true, with wonderful passages like these:

Recently Blair’s profession has been leaked to her old fans and family. On November 18th she was identified as a star in the adult entertainment world by a local radio station in Georgia. With the news leaked she was happy to find that many of her family and friends were supportive and their response was very positive.

“Many” of her family and friends = More than one.

NBA Cheerleader Doing Porn As Brandy Blair

(Might wanna change “Most people don’t know this about me”)

Now the question is, how did “Briana” really turn into “Brandy”? Read more…