Elin’s Sweden Home: No Winter Indoor Plumbing!

Marcus Oscarsson of GlobalPost.com has the first extensively detailed portrait of the new Swedish island home of the wife of Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren. Some of those details indicate that it may in fact be impractical for Woods and his family to live there in winter, as the house has no indoor plumbing from October to May.

Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren Swedish Home

(Elin’s new home enjoys ideal winter conditions. For a sherpa.)

Elin Nordegren Woods’ new home is so private that in winter you need a hydrocopter to reach it. Located on an island in the Stockholm archipelago, Tiger Woods’ wife’s new estate is surrounded by miles of ice. Nordegren Woods paid $2.3 million for the estate, which includes a main house, three small guest houses, two outdoor storehouses, a private beach, a mini-harbor and a boathouse sauna.

As noted, during the winter water passage is often impossible to the island. Even in the best of conditions, a two-hour ferry from Stockholm is only available three times per week. In other words, the paparazzi would have an exceedingly difficult time reaching the area. If at all.

“When it is ice, the only way to get here is by hydrocopter,” (neighbor Urban) Andersson said. A hydrocopter is an amphibious aircraft-propelled catamaran often used in arctic coastal regions during times of freeze and ice. “During the winter time, almost no one lives on the island,” he said.

Tiger Woods Home In Sweden Faglaro Island

Nordegren’s extended family lives in neighboring Vaxholm, a city of 4,800. In ideal conditions, you can also catch a 30-minute water taxi to Elin’s island estate. But in winter, again, forget it. And although Elin dropped over $2M+ on the manse, neighbors on the island report that the house needs work. Lots of it. Read more…

Elin’s Mother: On The Record About Tiger Woods

Barbro Holmberg, the mother of Elin Nordegren, spoke on the record to US Magazine about her daughter’s ordeal during Tiger Woods‘ now-admitted infidelity.

This is a private family matter,” Holmberg told Us. “I’m praying for everyone and everything to be OK. Please let’s just leave it at that.”

Holmberg’s take on Tiger’s alleged affair with Rachel Uchitel? “You seem to know more than enough already,” she told Us. “There is enough for them to handle already. Please can you give everyone space.”

While tight-lipped about the situation, she did have one comment that might give insight into what she and Elin are really thinking. Read more…

Tiger’s Next Move? Maps, Photos Of Island Home

With Tiger Woods’ apparent new sense of devotion to his marriage, I think the chances of him moving to Faglaro Island, Sweden is increasing by the hour. Not many other folks seem to be taking this possibility all that seriously, and I could be wrong, but at the very least here’s some more insight on what could be Woods’ ultimate destination in the near future.

Map of Tiger and Elin Woods home at Faglaro Mansion Sweden

I’ve posted more closeup shots yet of the home Elin Nordegren closed on the day after the first NATIONAL ENQUIRER story hit about her husband’s alleged affair with Rachel Uchitel.

Tiger Woods Home In Sweden Faglaro Island

More pics and an interactive satellite map of the island after the jump. Read more…

Moving Truck: Picking Up Boxes At Tiger’s Home

TMZ.com has photos of a moving truck picking up boxes at Tiger Woods‘ home today in Orlando.

Tiger Woods Home Has Moving Trucks Picking Up Boxes

The truck driver went inside and removed 5 or 6 moving boxes from the house, put them in the back of the truck and left. A security team watched as the boxes were removed, and then flanked the truck as it left the property. No word on who’s stuff is being moved, but Elin Nordegren and the kids have been living there since the incident two weeks ago. Tiger has been nowhere in sight.

Could very well be an indication that Woods and wife Nordegren are moving to Sweden - which I presented as a possibility last Tuesday and also reported earlier this afternoon - via ABCNews.com.

ABC: Tiger, Elin Plan ‘imminent escape to Sweden’

Russell Goldman of ABCNews.com reports that new revelations about Tiger Woods allegedly paying prostitutes for sex has Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren, “planning an imminent escape to Sweden, where they will plan their next move.

Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren Swedish Home

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

“Tiger is going to Sweden with his wife, and they want to leave as soon as possible,” a close friend of Nordegren’s told ABCNews.com

Last week I reported that Elin had bought a house in Sweden on a private island with her sister Josefin that could only be reached by ferry. The home was purchased one day after the NATIONAL ENQUIRER reported that Woods was having an affair with Rachel Uchitel.

Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren Swedish Home

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Tuesday I predicted Nordegren would move back to Sweden as soon as this week. The next day, Fox News reported that Woods and Nordegren would soon be moving to Sweden. Read more…

Fox News: Elin, Tiger ‘Planning Move To Sweden’

Last night I predicted that Elin Nordegren would move back to Sweden this week, accompanied by her prominent politician mother Barbro Holmbeg and practicing attorney sister Josefin. Today Hollie McKay of FOX NEWS sources a report that Nordegren and Tiger Woods are planning to move to Sweden: “The insider says the couple is planning to leave the country ‘very soon.’”

Elin Nordegren Buys Home In Sweden

(Fox News reports on ‘private island’ home - Elin bought one 2 weeks ago!)

In my prediction about Elin moving to Sweden, I also noted the house that she closed on with her sister two weeks ago. Fox News concurred in its sourced report. Read more…

Are Mom, Sister Plotting Elin’s Escape To Sweden?

Last Friday Elin Nordegren’s mother Barbro Holmberg and her twin sister Josefin arrived at Tiger Woods‘ Orlando compound to, presumably, lend emotional support.

Barbro Holmberg Josefin Nordegren Planning To Take Elin Nordegren Back To Sweden?

(Team Elin: Strength in numbers)

But is that all they have in mind? We’ve all pondered the possibility of Elin leaving Woods and returning to her native Sweden, but can you imagine how difficult that would be if she was alone? Goes without saying that Woods and his handlers would do everything in their power to prevent her from boarding a flight bound for Stockholm.

But what if Elin’s mother, a strong-willed politician who overcame a bout with stomach pain this morning and her sister, a practicing attorney in London, came to her aid in the emotionally grueling endeavor? Read more…

Audio: Frantic 911 Call About Nordegren’s Mother

TMZ.com has the 911 call placed this morning from Tiger Woods‘ estate about Elin Nordegren’s mother Barbro Holmberg. (Audio link.)

The call started out frantically as the caller, who was likely Elin or sister Josefin, said, “Hurry up, my mom just collapsed. She collapsed in the bathroom, what do I do?Read more…

Elin Bought a House In Sweden Two Weeks Ago

Nancy Dillon and Corky Siemaszko of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports that Elin Nordegren recently bought a house in Sweden, which has “fueled speculation (in Sweden) she might take the kids back to her homeland to start a new life far from her transgressing Tiger.

Elin Nordegren Buys Home In Sweden

(Nordegren bought $2M home in native Sweden ‘two weeks ago’)

“The official story from her family is that she bought the place with her twin sister, Josefin, not with Tiger,” said Poppe Linge of HPG, a Swedish news agency. “It belonged to a professional soccer player who wanted privacy,” Linge said. “I heard she started looking at it last summer and bought it two weeks ago.”

So the $2 million dollar purchase was consumated “two weeks ago”? Woods’ car accident happened 13 days ago and the NATIONAL ENQUIRER report of his alleged affair with Rachel Uchitel hit news stands the day before the accident. Coincidence? Read more…

Paramedics, Ambulance Called To Tiger’s Home

UPDATE: NBC-TV Orlando affiliate WESH has identified the woman being treated as Elin Nordegren’s mother Barbro Holmberg.

Barbro Holmberg

Holmberg was admitted to the hospital with stomach pains and was listed in stable condition, Health Central Director of Marketing Dan Yates said.

“She is currently undergoing an evaluation,” Yates said.

Fox News had previously reported that Holmberg had already been released from the hospital.

Early this morning a middle-aged woman staying at Tiger Woods‘ estate was attended to by paramedics and eventually rushed to the same hospital where Woods was treated after his Thanksgiving night car accident.

Ambulance Called To Tiger Woods Home

(Slideshow of woman from Woods’ home at hospital)

The patient, according the multiple reports, initially refused to be taken to the hospital but was later listed as an “advanced life support” patient of Orange County (FL) Fire Rescue paramedics. Advanced life support does not indicate her condition, and she was later released from the hospital. Read more…