Meet Texas Tech’s Newest 200-Pound Tight End

Mike Graham of the DALLAS MORNING NEWS has the latest today on the playing status Adam James at Texas Tech. The 6-3, 216-pound son of ESPN broadcaster Craig James is being moved from receiver to tight end.

Adam James moved to Tight End by Tommy Tuberville

(Adam James: Ready to mix it up with the Sooners D-Line?)

Texas Tech football coach Tommy Tuberville addressed the tight end position after Monday’s spring practice.

“We don’t have any tight ends on the team,” Tuberville said. “Ryan [Haliburton] and Adam James are the two closest guys. But I think both of them have done a pretty good job. Both of them are physical. Adam can really catch the ball and give us a little addition there, but we’re going to need to have a two tight end offense next year.

“We’re probably going to need a freshman come in and play for us at a tight end position to give us three. We’ll have some tight end next year. But those two guys, with what they’re doing, and you know, they’re giving us a pretty good look and I think they’re going to be fine for next year.”

Tuberville said the offense will probably run 15 to 20 offensive plays per game with a tight end.

The prospect of James lining up against defensive ends who will not only go at least 50-75 pounds heavier but also are just as agile has to have Mike Leach snickering into his sixth margarita of the day.

As for Craig, we now know that he once told former Tech receivers coach Lincoln Riley via voicemail that Adam was the best receiver on the team. With Adam’s move to offensive line, wonder if Tuberville’s voicemail is burning up too? Read more…