Sandusky Visited Prospect After Penn St. Letters

In the wake of Penn State football legend Jerry Sandusky being criminally charged with 40 counts of sexual abuse of children, including the rape of at least one 10-year-old boy in the Penn State locker room, it has been widely surmised that Sandusky was no longer an active member of a Penn State program inexorably connected to now-fired head coach Joe Paterno.

(Image of Penn State letter to another recruit from McQueary)

But thanks to a stunning revelation in Greenville, South Carolina, today, it appears Paterno and now-former Penn State recruiting coordinator Mike McQueary, both of whom knew of Sandusky’s child rape in their own locker room in 2002, had kept Sandusky on as a Penn State football recruiter perhaps until the day he was arrested last Friday. (And then quickly released by State College authorities on unsecured bond - meaning he didn’t have to put up a dime to earn his freedom.)

This week a highly touted high school linebacker in South Carolina, Adam Ah Ching, told South Carolina news outlet WYFF-TV that Sandusky, who was also spotted in the Penn State football facility three times last week, was recruiting him on behalf of Penn State.

Recruitment that included Sandusky traveling to South Carolina to watch Ah Ching play in person - after Penn State sent him recruiting letters his junior year:

“Penn State has sent me letters throughout my junior year … He (Sandusky) came to my last spring game going into my senior season. He liked how I moved, laterally, and how gifted I am.”

As McQueary was the Penn State Recruiting Coordinator at the time of the Sandusky visit to Ah Ching, it isn’t unreasonable to believe he had full knowledge of Sandusky representing Penn State while recruiting a high school prospect out-of-state.

After the revelations of Sandusky’s insatiable taste for child rape, the intimate details of which - according to a Pennsylvania Grand Jury - has been known by Paterno and McQueary since 2002, Ah Ching quickly dropped his consideration of the school.

“It’s very devastating to have a top-tiered program and have them drop like that. That really did play a big impact on where I wanted to go.”

Ah Ching’s father, Otto, agreed with his son’s decision:

“Do you want to be associated with the mess that’s still going to come down the road here?”

Prospect Ah Ching also noted that other players who had been considering Penn State are hastily dropping the school from consideration:

“All these recruits are decommiting because of that.”

As the primary witness of the anal rape of a 10-year-old boy by Sandusky in 2002, if then-Penn State Recruiting Coordinator was aware that Sandusky went South Carolina to recruit a high school prospect on behalf of Penn State, it isn’t unreasonable to think that he may be facing more serious consequences than losing his job.

You can read more about the story and watch WYFF’s complete on-air report here.

UPDATE (2:54p PT): The Athletic Director of Greer High School, Travis Perry, reportedly called the claims about Sandusky visiting the high school to recruit Ah Ching, “false and untrue.”

In a followup to its original story WYFF reported today:

Ah Ching stands by his story that Sandusky was in the stands.

WYFF News 4 has called and emailed Penn State to find out if Sandusky was still scouting or recruiting for Penn State recently in the Upstate. No one from the University has commented.

Ah Ching’s coach, Greer High School’s Will Young, says he is not aware anyone representing Penn State attended a spring game.

SbB currently has a message into the high school prospect’s father, Otto Ah Ching.

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