AVP Tour, Bud Light Girls Roll Into San Francisco

So the question is this: Can the AVP Tour survive — outside of its traditional homeland of LA, that is — without the team of Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh? Apparently so. Check out the tour’s newest sponsor — Kentucky Grilled Chicken. If the product that David Letterman once dubbed “Hot, Oily Hens” can find a home on the beach volleyball circuit, the field is wide open.

Bud Light Lime Girls in SF

Stopped by Pier 32 in San Francisco on Sunday to catch the women’s and men’s finals of the San Francisco Open, which marks the beginning of the end of the 2009 AVP Crocs Tour. Second-seeded Jennifer Kessy and April Ross beat top-seeded Nicole Branagh and Elaine Youngs for the women’s title, and top-seeded Olympic gold medalists Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser beat second-seeded John Hyden and Sean Scott for the second straight weekend in the men’s final.

And the Bud Light Lime Girls continue to impress, although I’m still nostalgic for the Cuervo Girls. More photos after the jump.

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AVP Cheerleaders: Gentlemen, Start Your Cameras

It was a sad day when the AVP Tour ended its sponsorship deal with Jose Cuervo - mainly because event attendees would no longer be treated to the sight of the Cuervo Girls. But the absence of young ladies decked out in very revealing swimwear posing for pictures & tossing out t-shirts was hurting attendance - along with bad weather & a bad economy, too, I suppose. So the AVP is taking steps to remedy this situation and get more people back to the beach.

AVP Dancers

For this weekend’s Crocs Slam Manhattan Beach Open on the sunny shores of Southern California, ticket prices will be cut in half! The tourney will be expanded to 64 teams for more matches to watch! But most important of all - there’ll be cheerleaders!

(As always, plenty o’ more photos after the jump.)

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And So We Say Adieu, AVP Cuervo Girls … Adieu

I’ve attended several AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour events in my day, and so have come to appreciate the fine work of the Cuervo Girls. Not only does one have to have a body to fill out the uniform to be a Cuervo Girl, but a strong arm to reach the upper rows with promotional toys is also a must.

AVP Cuervo Girls

Sadly though, Jose Cuervo is no longer an AVP sponsor, and that means that the Cuervo Girls have been retired. It’s a curious turn of events, considering where the league is going with their main advertising campaign this year. ARE WE GOING TO STAND FOR THIS?!

Well, yes, we are. But we’re not very happy about it.

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Week In Review: Reggie & Kimmy K.’s Rotten Rain

• Fake rain: Reggie Bush & Kim Kardashian toss out some money to Miami clubgoers - only to quickly grab it all back.

Reggie Bush Kim Kardashian

• Oh, baby: Candace Parker’s pregnancy has produced a couple of nice C-Cups for the WNBA star, while Dwight Howard’s ex-girlfriend shows up at a Magic game with his 1-year-old son.

• Meanwhile, Jenna Jameson is the proud mama of Tito Ortiz’s twins.

• Speaking of nice pairs, say hello to this flirty Florida Panthers fan.

• The AVP’s new ad campaign features some nice assets. And it’s all thanks to the volleyball tour’s new “Apprentice”-competing, Playboy-posing V.P.

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