“Superstar” Joanna Krupa Has A Super Hot Sister

We’ve been entertained by the amusing antics of Joanna Krupa, as the buxom blonde beauty berated teammate Terrell Owens during their debut appearance on ABC’s “Superstars”. (The network execs must have enjoyed it, too, as the J.K.-T.O. team were invited back on the show even after being eliminated.) If only there was another cute Krupa to care about.

Joanna Krupa Marta Krupa

Lucky enough, there is! Joanna happens to have a sister by the name of Marta - and she’s just as marvelous to admire as her T.O.-trashing sibling. Don’t believe me? Then check out more photographic evidence after the jump.

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Kent Coupled w/Ail Landry In “Superstars” Redux

Summer is just around the corner, and that can only mean one thing - a new series of ABC’s “The Superstars” will soon be upon us! The show that is to athletic endeavor what “Dancing With The Stars” is to … um, dancing, is set to kick off on June 23. (Although I admit I often get “The Superstars” confused with “Battle of the Network Stars”. Speaking of, when’s “BNS” gonna get it’s own 21st-century revival, huh?)

Jeff Kent Ali Landry

(Kent & Landry - kicking butt this summer on ABC!)

Anyway, Tom Hoffarth of FARTHER OFF THE WALL gives us the scoop on what agile athletes will compete in this season’s run - and who’ll be pared up with which “celebrity”. (Tom’s quotes, not mine - although I’d be inclined to agree with most of the upcoming examples.)

For instance, former L.A. Dodger/San Francisco Giant, Vin Scully hater & gay marriage opponent Jeff Kent will be on the program. So some folks may be enticed to tune in just to root against Jeff. But many others will watch probably because of Kent’s predetermined teammate: Ali Landry.

(More pics of Ali & others to pique your interest after the jump.)

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