Leach Blames Mangini For Crabtree “Diva” Rumors

One of the storylines in the leadup to the NFL draft was that Michael Crabtree had an inflated sense of self-worth, which prompted an infinitely stupid quote from a scout that compared the thought of drafting him to eating an animal’s fecal matter. Yes, that actually happened.

Mike Leach Texas Tech
(”You want someone who acts like a baby? Here. Here’s an actual baby.”)

That all came as news to Mike Leach, who had coached Crabtree for the last three seasons at Texas Tech. Leach thinks the rumors came from tradition-hater Eric Mangini at Cleveland - nay, he’s dead certain of it. And based on the fusillade of invective that the Dread Pirate Coach has launched at Mangini, it’s once again clear that the only thing more entertaining than a free-speaking coach is a free-speaking coach who feels like he’s been wronged: Read more…

The Picks Of The 2009 Draft: QBs, Heyward-Bey

Let’s be clear right now - nobody would watch the NFL draft if every team drafted wisely. Just like car racing is only good for the crashes, which is unimpeachable fact, people really watch the draft for the lousy picks, the ones that leave the fans at Radio City agape in disbelief.

Jets Fans Draft
(Yes, howl in anger. Howl for my amusement.)

In that sense, then, our hats are off to Oakland, who just selected Darrius Heyward-Bey, a Maryland speedster who nobody figured was a top 10 talent. While he was still projected as a first-round pick, he was in no way the top WR on the board - that’d have been Michael Crabtree, who’ll be able to thumb his nose from San Francisco across the bay at the Raiders for years to come. Heyward-Bey, while supremely athletic, possesses all the qualities that add up to “epic WR bust,” mainly a lack of production in college, an inability to run a crisp route, and hands of stone. So he can’t run a decent square in, nor would he be able to catch it anyway. Sign that man!

Al Davis, who is a total cancer on his own team, wasn’t done wrecking the franchise once again. Read more…