Syracuse Takes Liberties With Ernie Davis Statue

The late great Syracuse tailback and first black Heisman Trophy winner Ernie Davis graduated in 1961. Syracuse unveiled a statue honoring him the other day. But there’s a problem: the sculptor gave his uniform and kicks Nike swooshes. Seeing as how Nike wasn’t around until 1971, poor Ernie’s associated with something not of his era.

Syracuse blog TROY NUNES IS AN ABSOLUTE MAGICIAN also points out that the helmet Davis’ statue is holding is a modern helmet, not one he would have worn. For its part, Syracuse is playing this cool. Athletic Director Daryl Gross tells the SPORTING NEWS in an email it’s an “easy fix. The sculptor is on it and will make it perfect“.

In other news, a recent sculpture of Jim Thorpe is said to feature him wearing Oakley Sunglasses. Nobody will notice, right?

We hate to pile on with the sculptor who otherwise did a tremendous job with the statue, but when he says it’s said he “worked off an old picture of Davis to create the statue“, I think Syracuse might just want to take a look at that picture and make sure the sculptor’s alright.