Swiftboat PR Firm Repping James Against Leach

Yesterday Craig James announced that he is considering a run for the U.S. Senate in Texas if Kay Bailey Hutchinson vacates her Senate seat to take over as Governor of Texas. Assisting James in the release of the news was a Dallas company called Spaeth Communications.

Did Leach get 'swiftboated' by same firm that attacked Kerry?

(Did Leach get ’swiftboated’ by same firm that attacked Kerry?)

I’ve recently learned that Spaeth was also responsible for the release of the cellphone video Adam James took of himself in an attempt to damage the credibility of former Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach.

Spaeth Communications released Adam James Cellphone Video

(Did Spaeth tell Adam James to record video after the fact?)

If you’re a political junkie, Spaeth Communications might ring a bell. More likely, you’ve heard the term “swiftboating,” which is derived from a p.r. campaign led by Spaeth CEO Merrie Spaeth to damage the 2004 presidential candidacy of John Kerry.

Prominent Texas Tech alumni and media sources have told me the past week that Spaeth Communications allegedly played an integral role in the firing of Mike Leach. In addition to the video of Adam James that Spaeth circulated to the media, I’ve heard growing sentiment that Spaeth was behind much of the anonymously-sourced information about Adam James’ alleged plight reported by the media.

I have contacted Spaeth Communications about those accusations and am awaiting a reply.

That sentiment though doesn’t necessarily jibe with what ultimately resulted from the James vs. Leach confrontation. Though the James family effectively got Leach fired, Craig James’ reputation was dragged through the mud during the ordeal, and it is now safe to assume that if he runs for office he won’t be getting many votes from Texas Tech fans.

James has been considering a political career for some time now, well before what happened at Texas Tech. For that reason, I personally believe Craig James called in Spaeth after the Tech situation blew up, to help damage control his reputation and help preserve his viability as a political candidate. As a conservative, it’s also a natural for James to have Spaeth represent him as he ponders a political career.

But with Spaeth now repping James, he’s not only alienated Texas Tech fans and many more West Texas residents, but democrats who objected to tactics used by Merrie Spaeth in the Swift Boat Veterans vs. John Kerry saga.

Of course, Texas is a solidly conservative state, but James has considerably less support today than he would’ve had just three weeks ago.

Again, I’ve contacted Spaeth Communications for a response on its role with the James Family and expect to have more to the story shortly. I’ve also contacted ESPN for a response from Craig James about the role of Spaeth in the James family complaint to Tech.