Surprise! Michigan State Kicks 2 Players Off Team

Earlier today, I reported the Michigan State student paper reporting an attack on a Michigan State dorm that left seven people injured, including women. Some of the attackers were alleged to be Michigan State football players.

Glenn Winston Roderick Jenrette Kicked Off Michigan State Football Team

(No, Sparty, No!)

This afternoon, Michigan State football coach Mark Dantonio kicked players Glenn Winston and Roderick Jenrette off the team “for violation of team rules.”

It isn’t yet known if Winston and/or Jenrette were involved in the attack, but if they weren’t that’s a pretty amazing coincidence.

UPDATE: THE STATE NEWS has background on Winston and Jenrette and you’ll be shocked to find out that Winston recently served four month in jail for assault after an “altercation” with the MSU hockey team.

Winston had emerged as a possible first-string running back before going down with a torn anterior cruciate ligament against Illinois. Jenrette played in five games for the Spartans and went down with an injury against Michigan.

Winston was reinstated this spring after an altercation involving members of the MSU hockey team, which landed Winston in jail.


Excerpts from a stunningly ironic piece at

Sophomore Glenn Winston - after being suspended from the team due to a fight which occurred last year and having served four months in jail this summer - scored his first career touchdown on a 15-yard, fourth-quarter run.

“I think he’s a good guy for sticking by me,” Winston said of Dantonio after the game. “I brought a whole lot of negative attention, but I just say he’s a real good guy.”

On Sunday, Dantonio talked about his relationship with running back Winston, who made his first career start against U-M:

“(I’m) not naive. I’ve said this before - you gotta win football games here, but you also have to see yourself as a mentor. Some people come with more opportunities and some people have a strong father figure and others sort of find their way through.

“When he had the problems - and I feel terrible for all parties involved in this - when it’s your son you do what you can for him and you try and get him squared away and you try and help him and bring him back.

“I look at our players, in some respect, as my children. And so I think that he deserves a second opportunity if he’s paid his debt, and I believe he has. I believe he’s paid a very big debt. … I’ve just tried to treat him like I would want to be treated.”

Unbelievable that Winston blew his second chance from Dantonio.

I’ve been informed that earlier today on his Facebook, Winston wrote the message, “I’m sorry!”