Shark Attack Survivor Surfer ‘Sprouts’ Into Hottie

Bethany Hamilton, the young surfer girl that lost her left arm to a shark attack in 2003 and won the heart of a nation with her survival and bravery in the face of loss, has turned out quite well, thank you very much. Just ask the HONOLULU ADVERTISER: “Today, Bethany has lost her braces, gained composure before a camera and sprouted to a willowy 5 feet 11.”

Bethany Hamilton

(We love how they subtly tell us that she’s turned into quite the babe. That’s the kind of class you won’t get from bloggers.)

Even better, she’s turned her love of surfing into a full-time pursuit. She’s in the thick of the competition to make it out of the surfing minor leagues and into the major tour in just her first pro season.

She supports herself through what the family agent lovingly calls “Brand Bethany”. Her book about her trauma and recovery endured as a best-seller. She’s been on TV numerous times. She makes church appearances. Businesses clamor to sponsor her career.

All of this requires a ridiculous amount of discipline from a teenager:

“In addition to surfing twice a day most days, Bethany also bikes, runs, does strength training and jiu-jitsu. Her mornings start with Bible and devotional reading and she attends church and Bible study regularly.”

By way of comparison, we ate our Corn Puffs with Sierra Mist instead of milk this morning because we didn’t feel like heading to the grocery store last night. Our teeth hurt.