Sure Hope Damon Evans Told His Wife The Truth

Otherwise he’s screwed. (Not that he wasn’t already.)

Courtney Fuhrmann Photo Mugshot Arrested During Damon Evans DUI

Thanks to a public records request by the ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION, the newspaper has obtained the phone records and emails of disgraced former Univ. of Georgia AD Damon Evans.

Evans was charged with DUI two weeks ago. During the arrest, a married, teary Evans was found to be accompanied by a female who wasn’t his wife and her red panties between his legs.

Tim Tucker of the AJC reports that as embarrassing as that might seem, it just got worse.

The University of Georgia released cell-phone records Friday that show about 250 text messages exchanged, over a period of a few weeks, between former athletics director Damon Evans and the woman who was in the car with him when he was arrested.

The records show that Evans and Courtney Fuhrmann exchanged four texts shortly after 9 a.m. on July 1, the morning after both were arrested in Atlanta -– Evans on a DUI charge and Fuhrmann on a charge of disorderly conduct.

The records also show that Evans placed two phone calls to Fuhrmann, lasting a total of eight minutes, on the night of July 1, about an hour after he held a news conference in Athens to apologize for the arrest.

The records released earlier included a May 21 e-mail from Fuhrmann to Evans. That e-mail indicated they met on May 20.

The texts were not released by the AJC but with Georgia a public school, I expect the content of the communications to flood the web eventually.

Let’s hope Evans’ next gig is at a private institution.