Days Of Prancing, Nubile Sharapova Officially Over

Maybe we’re alone in having noticed that Maria Sharapova has seemingly gone from a prancing, nubile teenie to a lumpen-legged, somewhat mannish-looking adult.

Maria Sharapova

We know that women don’t always age gracefully. Let’s just hope and pray she doesn’t end up like Billie Jean King - who is rumored to be making a three month run at the newly-renovated, Madame Tussauds Orlando location.

Billie Jean King

We were reminded of the delightful vision that Ms. Sharapova once was with some photos that recently surfaced in a Swedish online magazine. In the pics, she’s endorsing an unfortunate product called “Speedminton.”

If you think we’re being to hard on her (maybe we are), then check out the comparison photo after the jump.

Maria Sharapova Comparison

The photo on the left is from November of last year. More pics here.

We also find it interesting that Sharapova hasn’t been seen in the company of a male in longer than we can remember. Now the tabloids are doing all they can to link her to guys like Orlando Bloom, but the stories have no substance.

Maria Sharapova

It’s none of our business. And we’re not implying anything at all (of course!). In fact, we don’t know why we care. It’s just that her change in appearance really struck us when we saw that Speedminton shot.