Booyah! Stuart Scott, King of Late Night Karaoke

You know, for everything negative said about Stuart Scott — that he’s the embodiment of ESPN’s boo-yah-ness; that he’s doing a bad version of himself these days; that he’s too tight with the players he reports on — the man does have a dulcet voice. Smooth, soft … it’s the sort of voice you can imagine working well in late-night karaoke. And guess what? You’d be right.

Dave Warner from DAVE’S FOOTBALL BLOG was at the Jimmy V afterparty last night, and caught Stuart doing what Buzz Bissinger may or may not consider “humanizing”: singing Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be” to a crowd of his closest associates.

Video of Stu’s serenading is after the jump.

That’s word-for-word one of the great overrated classics of the late ’90s - as sung by Stuart Scott. Sometimes the Internet is really awesome.