Strahan Looking To Host Late Night TV Gabfest?

Now that Michael Strahan’s playing days are over, the Giants sackmaster is looking to dominate in another field - late night TV talk shows.

Michael Strahan smile

USA TODAY’s Michael Hiestand hears that Strahan is quite ready to fill in any gaps of football TV programming. In fact, agent Maury Gostfrand claims that his client could be signed up by a network “within a week”.

But Michael’s ultimate goal is to become the next Leno or Letterman:

Gostfrand says that while “initially, studio work is more appealing” to Strahan, the just-retired New York Giants defensive lineman is also interested in calling games — and going beyond football: “Anything from sitcoms to movies to hosting his own late-night talk show. Hosting a late-night talk show would be his dream.”

If Terrell Owens can guest star on Flavor Flav’s sitcom, then surely Strahan can shoot the bull with some C-list celebrities.

Besides, he couldn’t do any worse than Magic Johnson or Chevy Chase. And we’d rather have Strahan taking over Conan O’Brien’s “Late Night” slot than Jimmy Fallon. Actually, we’d even prefer static over Jimmy Fallon.

We even have Strahan’s ideal first guest - his ex-wife, Jean. Who wouldn’t want to tune in to see that encounter?