Stern: Mary Carey-Melky Cabrera Have Sex Tape

MARKS FRIGGIN reports that yesterday, sex-for-money performer Mary Carey appeared on Howard Stern.

Melky Cabrera-Mary Carey  Sex Tape

(Howard Stern claims he’s seen Cabrera, Carey having sex on video)

During the visit, Stern claimed that he saw a video of Carey having sex with Yankees outfielder Melky Cabrera. I wasn’t able to find any such production online, but I do remember seeing Carey in a vid a couple months ago - as she attemped to communicate with a shirtless Cabrera in a random hotel room. Hmmm.

Mary Carey Jason Smith

(Athletes having sex with Mary? Get on the back of the train)

So, did they indeed have sex?

Mary Carey Sixers

(See a pattern developing?)

And how did Cabrera, who speaks spare English, end up ensnarled with a porno parasite like Carey? (Video after the jump.)

First the aforementioned video of the two:

From the Stern Show:

Howard said he saw some video of Mary having sex with a Yankees player, Melky Cabrera. Mary said she met him through his agent and they did have sex. She said that he doesn’t speak English though and it was kind of tough. Mary said she wasn’t with Mario at the time. She said Melky was good in bed but not as good as Mario.

Keep in the mind the source here. If Cabrera did indeed have sex with Carey, with the English barrier, who knows if he realized a tape of the two would be public disseminated.

Meanwhile, great to know that Cabrera’s agent, at least according to Carey, has his best interests in mind! (Hey, I hear Trevor Ariza could be in the market, babo.)

Suppose it could be worse though, Cabrera could’ve met her at Dave & Busters. (Too soon?)