Starbury Sneakers Slide Onto Clearance Shelves

With ankle surgery scheduled for Tuesday, Stephon Marbury’s season (and probable New York career) appears to be stuck on the shelf.

Much like his shoes.

Starbury shoe

The NEW YORK POST checks out news that the Knick’s Starbury sneaker line has been tossed in the bargain bin. Sportswear seller Steve & Barry’s has slashed the shoe’s price in half in most of their strores - from an already affordable $14.98, down to $7.99 a pair.

This doesn’t bode well for Stephon’s shoe stakes, as he was hoping to expand his sneaker line to other outlets. More importanty, his contract with S&B expires this summer - so Stephon could have trouble selling his soles.

What business options does he have left?

Well, he could always switch to jersey peddling, as his uniform is currently the 9th best selling at the NBA Store.

Ivan Cash Hate Isiah Thomas shirt

Or he could team up with this guy and put together a nifty shirt & shoes combo for the discerning (and pissed off) Knicks fan.

On the plus side, if Isiah Thomas does finally get run out of town, Marbury can cut him a good deal on footwear. It would be a great way to snatch victory from the agony of de feet.