Sporting News Radio Reports Pacman Jones Strip Club Altercation Caught On Video

REPORT: PACMAN JONES SEEN PUNCHING STRIPPER, BITING BOUNCER IN STRIP CLUB SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: Steve Cofield reports on Sporting News Radio today that video cameras inside the Las Vegas strip club Minxx recorded NFL player Pacman Jonespunching a girl (stripper)” and “doing the biting (of bouncer Aaron Cudworth).”

Pacman Jones Strip Club Shooting Las Vegas NBA All-Star Game

The LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL reports that during a scuffle with Cudworth, Jones had stiches ripped out from recent shoulder surgery.

Cofield reports that after that initial confrontation, Jones bit Cudworth (Las Vegas Police later swabbed Cudworth for evidence of Jones’ DNA), threatened to kill him (”I will kill you“), and told his posse “smoke his ass“.

Cudworth was later shot by an alleged associate of Jones. As was a security guard (now paralyzed) and female customer.


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