Social Networking For Aspiring Soccer Hooligans

This story from the SUNDERLAND ECHO really reads like satire, but apparently it’s true. A new website called “Little Hooliganz” has been launched, and the Echo reports the site, “was described in promotion material issued this week as a ‘new social networking game where players are encouraged to join a gang that supports Sunderland AFC and beat up other teams’ supporters to win points’.

Little Hooliganz

Yeah, sounds a little to good to be true. But apparently the site exists and already boasts over 24,000 “members.”

Those users can, “buy virtual weapons such as Samurai swords and knuckle- dusters; beat up fans of other clubs, including Newcastle; steal cash to buy booze; and even attack pensioners to become the ‘best’ football hooligan.

Wow, pretty sick stuff. Sounds a little like a blueprint for someone looking to build a Phillies fan web destination.

The guy running the site, the lovable Chris Evans, claims, “We are not condoning violence. Just because we are giving our members the chance to buy a baseball bat or nunchucka and beat up their rivals’ characters doesn’t mean they are going to do it in real life.

People understand the difference between cartoon violence on an Internet game and the horrific results of violence in real life. This will not encourage copycat attacks.

I’m actually really shocked the Brits, who are the most politically-correct society on earth, haven’t shuttered this yet. It’s sure to have the plug pulled at some point. That is, of course, rather unfortunate, when you consider all the wonderful sports-related chaos the site’s members potentially could’ve drummed up for us to post about in the future.