Soccer Player Struck By Rocket During Match

The LONDON DAILY MAIL has dramatic photos of a soccer player in Ireland getting hit by a rocket thrown onto the field during a game this week.

Soccer Player Hit By Rocket During Game

Immediately following the final whistle of a Belfast-area tournament final match between Linfield and Cliftonville, Linfield player Conor Hagan fell to the ground after being struck in the back by the rocket before it exploded. His team Linfield had just suffered a 2-1 defeat by sectarian rivals Cliftonville.”

Conor Hagan Soccer Player Hit By Rocket Fireworks Ireland

Of course, the team’s fans then commenced rioting.

The attack, which sparked riots afterwards, came as players for Cliftonville, a largely Catholic-supported side, had missiles thrown at them by fans of the losing side, which is typically followed by protestants in the divided city.

Conor Hagan Soccer Player Hit By Rocket Fireworks Ireland

Hagan, 26, was tended by team medics and members of both sides before being able to regain his feet.

‘I was lying on the ground disgusted with the result and didn’t see the firework coming,’ he told the Belfast Telegraph.

Conor Hagan Soccer Player Hit By Rocket Fireworks Ireland

‘It hit me on the back when it went off and it was more the bang that scared me and I was in shock for few seconds.

It’s pretty crazy what can happen when your religion is one of the reasons you root for a team.

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I wouldn’t put it past a dumbass fan to do the same here stateside, but with the current, healthy disdain for Rocket, I highly doubt it.

Hopefully this sort of thing never happens again, but it appears we may be seeing a pattern: