Sixers GM’s Statement On Iverson ‘Personal Life’

The Philadelphia 76ers just released the following statement to the media:

Allen Iverson at the club

“After discussing the situation with Allen, we have come to the conclusion that he will not return to the Sixers for the remainder of the season, as he no longer wishes to be a distraction to the organization and teammates that he loves very deeply.

“It has been very difficult for Allen and the team to maintain any consistency as he tries to balance his career with his personal life.”

The 76ers press release about Iverson’s leave of absence on Feb. 22 included a reference to his sick 4-year-old child Messiah.  No mention of Iverson’s daughter in today’s press release statement.

Allen Iverson partying in Charlotte with Jermaine Dupri

Could that be related to Iverson being sighted at a Charlotte nightclub last Saturday night?

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