Jessica’s Dad: Romo Marriage Wouldn’t Surprise

Those rumors of wedding bells between Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo could have some legs to them, according to the father of the would-be bride.

Joe Simpson Beer Helmet

FAN NATION picked up on an SI piece in which Joe Simpson was pretty candid about the love betwixt the QB and Yoko Romo.

“‘Tony and Jessica have something really special,’ said Jessica’s dad, Joe Simpson. ‘I mean its one of those relationships where I wouldn’t be surprised if they got married tomorrow. He’s a real stand up guy and she loves him.’

I spoke to Joe about Tony and Jessica before the Super Bowl this month in a short piece that was in SI, and he was especially candid about his desire to have Tony be his future son-in-law. ‘I knew him before Jessica,’ he said. ‘He’s just the most genuine, down-to-Earth guy you’d ever want to meet. He’s the best.’”

Sounds as if this is serious. The final hurdle for Romo might be making sure that he is marrying the real Simpson.