Sideline Stunner Samantha Steele Goes To Work

Like a chain smoker on a trans-Atlantic flight, we’ve spent the college football offseason shaking and sweating uncontrollably, unable to think about anything other than lighting up that first glorious college football broadcast of the season. Now we’re almost in the clear and are coming in for a landing to the (strained metaphor coming) Heathrow Airport that is this first football weekend of the season.

Samantha Steele

One of the few problems we’ve had with college football are the TV broadcasts. We’re not the only ones; hell, entire websites have been devoted to the insipid gaffe machines that populate the booths and sidelines of college football broadcasts. Thankfully, Samantha “The Next Erin Andrews” Steele of Fox College Sports is determined not to follow in those footsteps. She’s determined to actually learn the details about the teams she’s covering, and will go to quite the lengths to get them.

Samantha Steele college sports reporter next Erin Andrews

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Steele, formerly known as the much-talked-about Liberty University reporter, will be reporting from the sidelines this season for Fox College Sports, and her first assignment is this week’s Kansas/Northern Colorado. And while KU is expected to be a contender for the Big XII North this season, a game against 1-AA Northern Colorado is not exactly appointment television for anyone outside of the KC metro or Greeley, CO.

Samantha Steele Erin Andrews

Nevertheless, Steele’s got a job to do and dammit, she’s going to do it right. Fox College Sports has partnered with a popular Kansas fan site/message board, PHOG.NET, to provide a unique interactive broadcast (follow Samantha on Twitter!), and Steele herself has rolled up her sleeves and waded into the muck that is the college sports message board to find out info about the Jayhawks. As expected, there have been some gems in return:

To be frank, I’d like to occasionally see an attractive woman during the broadcast.  Your picture suggests you can fill that role just fine.

Samantha Steele

Could have been worse…much worse. Showing that famous Midwestern restraint, most board denizens have been sticking to football, or at least pleading with her not to make “Wizard of Oz” jokes. Mad props (yes, mad props) to both Samantha Steele and Fox College Sports for doing their best to actually listen to viewers and provide information that fans actually want to hear. ESPN and Pam Ward, are you listening?

*UPDATE*: Sam tweets today (11/27/09) that she’s going to a high school reunion, but not her own. Some really lucky dude’s date, perhaps?