SI Editor Spanks Staff Over Tiger-As-Christ Idea

Two weeks ago, SbB reported (via TIGER WOODS IS GOD) that SPORTS ILLUSTRATED issued a casting call for famous golfer look-alikes to pose for a SI cover portraying Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” - with Tiger Woods as Jesus.

Tiger Woods Last Supper Cover Si Casting Call

Here’s a screenshot of the casting call, which clearly stated SI’s intentions.

This week, in tersely worded statement on SI sister site, SI Magazine Group Editor Terry McDonnell responded to the cover possibility and subsequent casting call.

SI Rumor Cover Announcment

It’s hard to believe that an idea of that import could travel that far down the pipeline without the knowledge of Editor McDonnell. But we’ll take his word for it.

It was a interesting concept though. Especially with the prospect of a greazy-bibbed Fuzzy “Judas” Zoeller look-alike wielding a watermelon slice at the table.