Shaq Queries Kobe: “Tell Me How My A$$ Tastes”

After all these years apart, Shaq’s still seems to be mad at Kobe. And what the best way to get revenge on someone who’s done you wrong? By unleashing your anger through the power of song.

Shaq Kobe Lakers

(Ah, the good ol’ days)

TMZ drops da bomb that O’Neal hit the stage of a New York City nightclub Sunday night, where the Big Cactus belted out a prickly verse or two against his former teammate.

During the two-minute melody, Shaq touches on various Bryant-bashing subjects. For example, teasing the Lakers star for not winning this year’s NBA title:

“Check it, you know how I be, last week Kobe couldn’t do without me.”

And inviting Bryant to plant one on his posterior:

Kobe, tell me how my a$$ tastes.” (with repeats from the audience)

But the most scandalous of all was blaming Bryant for the break-up of his marriage:

“I’m a horse, Kobe ratted me out, that’s why I’m gettin’ divorced.”

Ooh, burn! Can’t wait to hear Kobe’s rebuttal rap!

While Shaq’s Sunday performance was all well & good, we remember a time when Shaq used to rhyme about happier things, like having the refs help with beating the Sacramento Kings in the playoffs - as sung to the theme from “Cheers“.

Ah, to relive the golden age of old-school rappin’ athletes.