Is Shaq Shaqing Up With Gilbert Arenas’ Fiance?

Sorry if this ruins your holidays, but it seems as if Shaquille O’Neal has been cheating on his wife instead of practicing his free throws as he should be doing. At least this is according to the site YOUNG, BLACK AND FABULOUS; the first place I check for all of my NBA news. Who is Shaq trysting with? Laura Govan, who also happens to be Gilbert Arenas‘ fiance and the mother of his two children.

(The Gilbert Arenas, Laura Govan, Shaquille O’Neal love triangle offense)

YBF claims to have sources who confirm the O’Neal-Govan shenanigans — Shaqnanigans? — and the site has something even more salacious, it says: Emails between the two lovebirds. Here’s one now!

Shaquille O'Neal email

Said source tells YBF that they have run across emails regarding a secret sexual relationship between Shaq and Wizards baller Gilbert Arenas’ fiance Laura Govan. And Laura is actually friends with Shaunie O’Neal. Drama!

Allegedly, Laura and Shaq have been friends in public…and more than friends in private…for the past 5 years. Supposedly they’ve been flying to each others’ towns and meeting up at different events. They even allegedly spent time together last Christmas when Shaq was still playing in Phoenix. Laura just so happened to be there “visiting her sister”.

The other emails are here, in the YBF story.

I don’t pretend to know exactly what’s going on — I have trouble following a typical rerun of “Friends.” But apparently Arenas and Govan’s relationship has been rocky, until they decided to get married last year. She is pregnant with his third child. And Shaq has been on the outs with Shaunie before, but they made up.

More importantly: Cavaliers at Wizards, Wednesday, Nov. 18, ESPN.