Den. Coach Calls Shanahanigans On Spy Charges

A week or so ago, we wrote about a YAHOO story that stated the Broncos had been Belichick-ing on their own by secretly taping Chargers’ practices. Now, the Denver coach is bucking back.

Mike Shanahan Chargers cheerleader

The ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS reports that Mike Shanahan - or specifically, his attorney - sent a letter to writer Jason Cole & Yahoo’s bigwigs, saying the spying allegations were “completely untrue and without foundation.”

In the mailing, lawyer Harvey Steinberg defiantly defended his client:

Coach Shanahan has never engaged in any such practice, let alone even discussed the possibility of any such activities. As a result, this article is defamatory and libelous.”

The letter also claims Shanahan was never contacted about the story beforehand, which Steinberg further claims is “evidence of either actual malice towards coach Shanahan or reckless disregard for the truth.”

The NFL chimes in with spokesman Greg Aiello disavowing any knowledge of Yahoo’s spy findings:

We were aware of no such thing. The report is bogus and does not cite any sources for the erroneous information.”

In a switch, media members Cole and Yahoo are the ones that are denying comment. Meanwhile, Shanahan & Steinberg have “demanded” a retraction and apology from the web site.

While they’re at it, why not sue Yahoo for “emotional distress” and make some money off the ordeal? Or wait until Microsoft buys them out, and triple the settlement.

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