Sexy Swim Reporter Defies BBC Ban Showing Skin

There’s more controversy at the Water Cube in Beijing, but this time it has nothing to do with Michael Phelps. The BBC allegedly has made sure to film swimming reporter Sharron Davies with lots of tight shots to avoid showing her breasts, which were one (two?) of the stars of the British network’s Athens Games coverage four years ago.

BBC swim reporter Sharron Davis in 2002

But according to THE DAILY MAIL, Davies was able to get her revenge - if she couldn’t show off her cleavage, she would show off her gams by appearing on set in the shortest shorts imaginable. And being a former Olympic silver medalist swimmer, you can guess that she had pretty good assets to show off. Visual evidence is below:

Sharron Davies in Beijing

Those are some short shorts. Even John Stockton would feel uncomfortable wearing shorts that tight. Suzanne Somers would be proud.

This illustrates the difference between sports broadcasting in Britain versus the US - I couldn’t imagine ESPN putting similar restrictions on Erin Andrews. Then again, judging by how Davies reacted, maybe ESPN should try some reverse psychology and send a memo to Andrews with several outfits from Amish-Clothes-R-Us that would be “modest and appropriate” for her to wear.