Second Woman Seeks Injunction Against Angry Elijah Dukes

2ND WOMAN SEEKS INJUNCTION AGAINST ELIJAH DUKES: Elijah Dukes has a way with the ladies - a violent way:

Elijah Dukes

The ST. PETERSBURG TIMES reports that another woman has asked a judge to grant an injunction against the former Rays & current Nationals player.After breaking up in October, the woman has said she’s received threatening text messages from Dukes. The texts include warning her she’ll “have to deal with the consequences“, “don’t let me see you when I come home” and “it’s a promise, now make your move.”

The woman also reports Dukes has been calling her home at “inappropriate times”. One such call includes Dukes telling the woman, “It’s on.”

Nishea Gilbert Wife Of Elijah Dukes

This is the second injunction sought on Dukes from frightened females. Earlier this year, the player’s ex-wife asked for a restraining order after Dukes left messages threatening to kill her.And his wayward way with women doesn’t stop there. When a 17-year-old told Dukes he was carrying his baby, Dukes reportedly got angry and threw a Gatorade at the girl.

The ladies in D.C. better beware of this ladykiller.

Or attempted ladykiller, anyway.