Sean Avery Likes His Lovely Cashmere Throws From Calvin Klein

SEAN AVERY DOES LIKE HIS “LOVELY CASHMERE THROWS“: NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE has a sometimes strange exchange with NHL Rangers paper tiger Sean Avery. The mag queries Avery about his ice-borne occupation, but also attempts to conjur up the goon as a style sophisticat, with (unintentionally) hilarious results.

Sean Avery Middle Finger

Best recent gift: ‘People don’t really buy me stuff. Well, that’s not true — I just got a lovely cashmere throw from a friend who works at Calvin Klein, so I have gotten a gift.’

Next big purchase: ‘The spring/summer Dior men’s collection.’

We really thought for a second there that the whole interview was actually satire. But later Avery revealed that he listens to Tool (what, no Hinder?) on his iPod before games, so it must be the real thing.