Schilling Finally Has Surgery, Career (Deep) Fried?

Curt Schilling posts on his 38 PITCHES blog today that he’ll have shoulder surgery on Monday, which could effectively end his career:

Curt Schilling Cap

(Not Pictured: Schilling’s 319 Wendy’s Baconator wrappers from that season)

I am set to have what could be extensive and potentially career ending shoulder surgery on Monday. The result of that surgery could be waking up and being told “It’s been a nice run big man, but you’re done” or “It wasn’t THAT bad, but it’s going to take serious time and effort to ever pitch again”.

Not a word in there about the Red Sox’ misguided attempt to have Schilling rest and rehab his injured shoulder this season, which surprises me.

Normally Schilling would be crowing about the fact that he was right, before Spring Training, in calling for the surgery. Now the Sox have wasted a good portion of the season with Schilling, guaranteeing that he won’t be able to come back this season. If ever.

Only thing I found interesting about Schilling’s post: “If this was my last shot, and it is over, I wouldn’t change a thing (ok well that’s not totally true because I WOULD push rewind, go back to a few instances and shut my mouth, but hey we can’t all be perfect) that happened to me, with me or on any teams I played on.

No idea why he feels that way. The morale of Schilling’s now-decorated career is that if you can throw a ball over 90 MPH with pinpoint accuracy, you can say whatever the hell you want.

And eat whatever you want, for that matter.