Scarlett Johansson Reebok Clothing Line Ready To Bust Out In Retail Stores

SbB BULLET JOINT: SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY gives us a heads-up on Scarlett Johansson’s new Reebok clothing line which strangely enough, will be called “Scarlett [heart] Rbk”. (Ed. note: since there are no pics of the gear yet, I’ve posted other pics of her - just to give you an accurate read on what you might expect to see. Yeah, uh-huh.)

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Scarlett Johansson

The line, which features “brightly colored sneakers, short-sleeved hoodies and tees with heart-shaped cutouts” will bust into stores next Thursday.

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Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

With the move to make the personality-impaired Johansson the face of a clothing line, we now know why adidas, which recently acquired Reebok, elected to blow out the RBK brand when it came to the NBA, and any other high-dollar enterprise.

Scarlett Johansson Photos Pictures Movies

Apparently the only people who don’t know that Johansson has the disposition of a week-old mackerel are the cube dwellers masquerading as marketing gurus at Reebok’s home office outside of Boston.

*Dan Shanoff on Vince Young: “How’s that Vince Young uber-low score looking now? He should frame that Wonderlic scoresheet next to his Rookie of the Year trophy.”

Vince Young Rookie Of The Year

Well it isn’t his scoresheet (no doubt shredded by his agent), his real rookie of year award (actually some dinged-up doorstop/plate from 1972) or a pic that he probably is proud of, but I tried.

On the subject of Young, am I the only one seeing a storm brewing between Titans coach Jeff Fisher and the Longhorned One? We all heard plenty of reports that Young oft-acted like an idiot on and off the field throughout last season, with his game-winning heroics the only thing that saved him with the coaching staff.

* LEBRON JAMES ENDORSEMENT DEAL LOSING TRACTION: On the heels of K-Swiss’ strange decision to sign Anna Kournikova as their corporate spokesperson, WITH LEATHER reports on another endorsement that is equally nonsensical:

Lebron James Tractor

* YOUTUBE “NATURAL” SEARCH BOOKMARK ALERT: USA TODAY reports Sony Home Entertainment on April 3 will release “The Natural: The Director’s Cut.” 15 minutes of previously lost footage are added to the 1984 (semi) classic.

* ONTARIO = A VERY, VERY HAPPY PLACE TONIGHT: notes the Raptors will host Rainbow Hoops Night at tonight’s game against the Pacers. The event is named for Rainbow Hoops, “a lesbian-positive women’s recreational basketball league that is using the event as a fundraiser.”

* GM’S YET AGAIN PICK WRONG VEHICLE: reports at the NHL General Manager meetings in Florida this week, a group of GMs accidentally drove away from their hotel valet parking area in the wrong car, because it “looked exactly like their rightful model.

The oblivious excecutives went to dinner, returning long after “to find local authorities talking to the owner of the missing car who had no idea how his vehicle had disappeared.

* WASN’T HE THE GUY WITH WOODEN TEETH? Richard Petty to the ASSOCIATED PRESS on why Washington state taxpayers should fund a $368M racetrack there: “There are millions and millions of race car fans out there that have never heard of Washington.

* ACTUALLY, GIVE HIM A SALAD AND A TREADMILL: USA TODAY’s Michael McCarthy on John Kruk’s appearance in a NutriSystem spot, where he exclaims, “My wife told me I’m not as disgusting to her as I used to be!”: “Give the poor guy a break. Or write him some new advertising copy.”

* GENE SIMMONS POSSIBLE CROSS-PROMOTION ALERT: CABLEFAX DAILY reports that Major League Eating has signed a new broadcast deal with Spike TV. The net will air the first of four events on March 17.

The “St. Patrick’s Day Showdown” will feature contestants pounding down corned beef & cabbage, beef tongue and green doughnuts. Spike GM Kevin Kay: “If you see a guy eating a beef tongue, you are going to stop and watch.”

* WHAT’S NEXT, ROG GOODELL GETS TO FARK YOUR WIFE? The NFL is now not satisfied preventing you from uttering “Super Bowl“, it also want to prevent the use of “Big Game. (via DEADSPIN)


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