Sapp Verbally Slaps Davis Over Kiffin Commotion

In all the commotion surrounding the end of days of Lane Kiffin in Oakland, it seems we’ve heard opinions from everyone and anyone who’s ever played or coached professional pigskin. However, we foolishly forgot to get the slant from one ex-Raider who loves to talk ‘n’ talk ‘n’ talk - the ever-egregious Warren Sapp.

Al Davis Warren Sapp

Well, Warren took some time out from Dancing With The Stars, and weighed in on the brouhaha at the Black Hole. During this week’s installment of “Inside The NFL”, Sapp said Kiffin was treated unfairly, just because the ex-USC coordinator he tried to do something different:

“He came in there with a change of mentality. The whole system. He changed how the locker room looked because it was going to take that kind of overhaul for Oakland to become the proud franchise we all knew it was.”

So, why wasn’t Lane allowed to overhaul Oakland? Because, according to Sapp, the guy in charge is stuck in a time warp:

Al Davis knows football — it’s just ’60s and ’70s football. That’s what it is. He’s thinking that Cliff Branch is outside and [Jim] Plunkett is dropping back and you can throw it 80 yards down the field — deep ball, deep ball, deep ball.”

We’ll be checking the waiver wire just in case Branch & Plunkett reappear. But it wouldn’t matter even if the Raiders had Deion Branch and T.J. Duckett - Sapp believes it just won’t work at Alameda County Coliseum as long as Al’s around:

“[Davis] is the common equation. You take him out, put him at home watching film or whatever he is doing — you have a functioning football organization. But once he comes over the top, he goes and starts moving it around.”

It’s surprising to hear Sapp sound so sour about the Silver & Black. He’s been so supportive of his former & final NFL club. And after they gave him such a big sendoff, too.

Maybe Warren can take all that angry energy and rhumba his way to the next round of DWTS. (Not that we’ve been watching - we’re still upset that Jason Taylor came up short in last season’s finale.)

Of course, not many of the cast & crew will necessarily be sad to see Sapp voted off. We suggest getting him a crate of Certs as a going-away gift.