Sammy Sosa Gets Lite Touch From George Lopez

Sammy Sosa’s ridiculous skin-bleaching got amazingly tame treatment from George Lopez on his night time talkshow on TBSĀ  - considering it was right in Lopez’ wheelhouse:

Sammy Sosa Light Beer George Lopez Show

In watching a bit of the show, Lopez really doesn’t seem much into it. When he’s performing off anything but cue cards, he’s previously performed really blue. The everynight, fake-smile talk show format doesn’t suit him. He comes off as the guy who wants to be interviewed, which is more than a tiny detail when you’re hosting a late night interview show.

Before his TV sitcom hit, he was a failed morning radio guy for the same reason: he just wasn’t into it enough. I remember listening to Lopez do his radio show here in L.A. He eventually was let go, and later crowed about how he’d made it big in teevee and how wrong the radio people (Clear Channel management) were about him.

From what I’m seeing on Lopez’s talk show, they weren’t.

Video of the spot after the jump.