Sabathia, Bowden Share Some Foul (Smelling) Play

To paraphrase Tom Hanks in “A League of Their Own”, there’s no farting in baseball! Well, tell that to C.C. Sabathia & Jim Bowden.

C.C. Sabathia Jim Bowden farting fables

First, HOME RUN DERBY catches the Indians pitcher pooting in the dugout. You don’t hear any sound of the dirty deed (could have been an SBD – silent but deadly). But by the way C.C. is leaning & the face he makes, obviously something has passed along.

Video after the jump (fortunately not presented in Smell-O-Rama).

Note that someone sitting nearby immediately leaves. We don’t think C.C. really has the hang of ‘relief pitching’.

Speaking of such smelly matters, DC SPORTS BOG listens to Nationals GM Jim Bowden release some fables of flatulence while flying. In chat with the media on Wednesday, Bowden shares the story of a recent plane trip with scouting director Mike Rizzo:

“You’re up on an airplane to Nashville, Tenn., and all of a sudden you’re in Ontario, you’re in Texas, you’re in SC, then you’re in Florida, and that’s all you do every day.

“And people fart on the airplane and it’s horrible, and I had to call time-out on one because the stench was so bad that I just couldn’t take it. The stewardess was spraying Lysol up and down and it was embarrassing. I said, look, go to the bathroom. There’s no need for this! … Have more respect for the person next to you! Stop farting!”

Bet Bowden feels better for letting that out.

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