Saban Uses WebCams To Circumvent NCAA Rules

When the so-called “Nick Saban Rule” went into effect — and put severe restrictions on the amount of time coaches could visit high school prospects during the offseason — the head man at Alabama called the change “ridiculous.”

nick saban laptop

Now, Saban’s making a different sort of call by keeping ahead of the NCAA on the technology curve.

The NCAA currently has no rules restricting the use of webcams, and Saban has taken full advantage, talking to “four or five” recruits per day. He also used them while at LSU.


“I just think it’s a better way to communicate,” said Saban, who estimates he visited some 100 high schools last spring. “It’s great to communicate over the phone but I’d feel a lot more comfortable with this conversation right now if I could see the person I was talking to.

“In business meetings, they wouldn’t use the technology if it wasn’t a more effective way to communicate, would they?”

Some coaches, such as Florida State’s Bobby Bowden, are reluctant to use the technology for recruiting. That’s a shocker. Bobby Bowden once spent 30 minutes trying to listen to an iPod before someone told him it was actually a toaster.