Rutgers QB Teel Wants To Punch You In The Face

Rutgers has been one of college football’s best stories over the past three seasons, but with a loss to Navy on Saturday dropping the Scarlet Knights to 0-3, this season is officially a disaster.

Mike Teel

Senior quarterback Mike Teel, who has shouldered much of the blame for the team’s poor showing, threw an interception as the team was driving late in the 23-21 loss on Saturday, clinching the win for Navy. Then, as a teammate was consoling Teel, he reacted as any reasonable person would — by attempting to punch him in the face.

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Reserve safety Glen Lee was the offending party, apparently attempting to offer words of encouragement to Teel after the interception, which was Teel’s sixth against just one touchdown pass this season.

Coach Greg Schiano, who is under his own pressure after signing a long extension with the school as they attempt an already ill-fated stadium expansion, says that he won’t discipline Teel, but might not start him in the Knights’ game against Morgan State this week.

And Schiano also seemed to think that maybe Lee was sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong, according to Tom Luicci of the NEWARK STAR-LEDGER:

“I think Glen’s intent was great (but) maybe it’s time to go play defense and I’ll take care of Mike. But there’s no excuse ever for what Mike did. His frustration boiled over and it’s inappropriate behavior, not one that I or the staff endorse and not one that Mike endorses.

“He knows he made a mistake. But to make that the reason that I’m going to do anything (in terms of discipline) is probably not going to be the case.”

And if Teel doesn’t start this week, it won’t be because of this incident, but apparently because Schiano wants to shield him from his own crowd:

The potential is also there for Teel to be subjected to heavy booing from disgruntled fans for his first incompletion — or if Rutgers goes three and out quickly.