Russian Hockey Player Dies; Jagr To Get Blame?

UPDATE - 5:46 PT: All the details of the situation can now be found at Stu Hackel’s NEW YORK TIMES hockey blog. Jaromir Jagr was not involved inĀ Alexei Cherepanov’s collapse and death. Kudos to Yahoo’s PUCK DADDY for staying on top of the story as well.

From our earlier post: Canada’s TSN has some shocking news today, reporting that New York Rangers top prospect Alexei Cherepanovcollapsed on the bench at or near the end of Omsk’s Kontinental Hockey League game and died a short time later, he was 19.

Alexei Cherepanov Dies Jagr to Blame?

Omsk head coach Wayne Fleming said “Cherepanov collapsed on the bench during the third period of the game and did not see anything that happened on the ice that may have contributed to it.

CPR was next administered to no effect. TSN also notes that the “ambulance that is normally at all games had already departed and had to be called back.

Now the crazy part. PUCK DADDY’s Greg Wyshynski notes a hockey blog that “has been a reliable source for translated Russian news in the past” is reporting that Jaromir Jagr may have been involved in the death.

From The Alex Ovetjkin blog:

According to comments on it was [Jaromir] Jagr’s elbow. Jarg is Cherepanov’s teammate. Apparently Jarg didn’t see him. Afterwards Jagr was shouting “Wake up Alexei” and was in tears.

Horrible, horrible stuff. As always in Russia, we’ll probably never know exactly what happened. And goodness knows am I in no way blaming Jagr for the death.

The bigger issue isn’t an errant “elbow” from Jagr, but what the fark the medical staff was doing at the arena. And why had the ambulance “already departed“?